Statement on current events

LeedsFurs have always taken pride in the strength and diversity of our community and the wider Furry fandom. Together we stand against all forms of discrimination including the scourge of racism. We wholeheartedly believe Black Lives Matter and will do everything we can to support POC within our community and around the world.

There should be no place in this world for any form of racism, bigotry or discrimination. Our community has been and always will be inclusive and a safe space for all. We cannot begin to understand what it’s like to face such racial discrimination on a daily basis, but we’d like to help wherever we can.

Black Lives Matter (USA)
Black Lives Matter (UK)

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Upcoming Meets

Leeds Meets generally take place on the third Saturday of every month.

The next meets will be:

#127 – Saturday 20th November

Leeds Main Meets return!

We are delighted to announce that the first in-person Leeds Meet since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic will take place on Saturday 16 October from 1pm.

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