The first Leeds Meet took place on 28th April 2001 as part of the NorthernFurs meet rotation, with a very small group of fewer than 10 people gathering together for the first meetup in the city.

Quickly establishing themselves within the NorthernFurs group, these Leeds Meets continued to be held at least once every 6 months for over a decade, with numbers steadily increasing over time.

We started holding regular monthly furry meets on the third weekend of the month on 16 June 2012 after a number of successful mid-week pubbages proved there was an interest in a more regular gathering.

Over the years the meets have had several people involved with their running. Since October 2007, Leeds Meets have been run by Wolfie and Lupestripe, with additional people being brought in to form the first committee in May 2017.

Memorable meets

– First Leeds Meet – 28th April 2001
– First Monthly Meet – 16th June 2012
– Furry Shots – 27th April 2013
– City Beach I – 17th August 2013

– Army Day – 21st September 2013
– Unveiling of Leeds Furs Flag – 15th November 2013

– City Beach II – 16th August 2014
– Christmas Market – 20th December 2014
– Jump Arena – 17th September 2016
– Furry Bowling – 1st May 2016

– Ice Cube – 18th February 2017
– Lune Blind at Live at Leeds – 29th April 2017

– Pool With Furries – 20th May 2017
– Our 100th Birthday Extravaganza – 20 January 2018
– Moving to The Old Red Bus Station – 17 March 2018
– Recording our First 100+ Attendance – 21 April 2018


Upcoming Meets

Leeds Meets generally take place on the third Saturday of every month. The dates of the next meets are as follows:

#126 – 17th October 2020
#127 – 21st November 2020
#128 – 19th December 2020

The Inaugural Leeds Discord Social

In lieu of running a physical meet at our usual venue on Saturday 21 March, we have decided to launch our first Leeds Discord Social, or LDS, from noon…

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