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Introducing LeedsFurs Gastrocub

Thanks to everyone who came to this month’s coffee meet, particularly those of you who drove great distances to spend time with us. Since we started the coffee meets back in September, they have grown considerably and we now are taking up most of the downstairs of Laynes. This is great to see and we […]

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#103 April 2018 – Meet Lowdown

Saturday’s furmeet went exceptionally well and we would like to thank everyone who attended. It was the biggest event we have ever run in Leeds, and the first time we have had over 100 attendees, clocking in at 113 including 32 fursuiters. The weather was perfect and we hope everyone who came had a great […]

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Running a Furmeet III – The Meet Experience

There are many reasons why furs attend furmeets. Some are most interested in the fursuit walk, others prioritise playing table top games, while others again may just want to chill and socialise with friends. Many want a combination of all of these things and more. The Fandom is an incredibly diverse place and meets need […]

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Running a Furmeet II – The Fursuit Walk

Over the last few years, the Fursuit Walk has become an increasingly important part of meets. For many furs, it is one of the main reasons for attending, so it’s very important it runs smoothly. Most meets have a set route for their walks, which can be adapted depending on the circumstances. This route has […]

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Running a Furmeet I – The Difficulties of Finding a Venue

It was good to hear that the new venue went down quite well over the weekend and I hope we can develop a strong relationship with The Old Red Bus Station over the coming months. Many people liked the new fursuit changing area, while we have a number of ideas going forward to make the […]

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Change of Venue from 17th March 2018

We have been informed by Bar Soba that they will be closing from this Saturday (10th March) as they will be relocating to new premises. The process will take a few months, meaning that the Leeds Meets will also be moving. Our new venue will be just down the road at The Old Red Bus […]

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Happy New Year to all Leedsfurs – we hope that 2018 is a good one for you.

With the Festive period now fading away, January can be quite a sad time as the drudgery of work and school makes us wonder why the holidays have to end. But why let the fun stop? This month’s meet will be a very special one as it’s our 100th ever, so we’re planning an epic […]

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Announcing LeedsFurs Coffee Meets

Earlier this month, a few of us decided to meet for coffee to see whether a regular midweek meet-up would be viable. While we only numbered four, we found a great little place very near the station, which is ideal for anyone looking for a casual post-work drink with friends. As a result, starting from […]

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Growth and Changes

Thanks to everyone who attended the Leeds Meet on Saturday, we were overwhelmed with the turnout, particularly as a number of regulars were in Berlin for EF. This included key members of our organising team. The fursuit walk was one of the largest in our history, with 25 fursuiters in attendance. This number created new […]

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Hello everyone! This is a test post for our new news and reports section, which will be used to detail any news or happenings in the Leedsfurs area. We hope you will find it useful. The venue, Bar Soba, has been booked for the next two meets which will take place on 19 August and […]

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Upcoming Meets

Leeds Meets generally take place on the third Saturday of every month. At the moment main meets are virtual, with the date of the next meet as follows:

#132 – 18th September 2021

Details on resumption of full in-person meets will be published shortly.

Regular Coffee Meets to resume on 5 October

After the success of the Coffee Meet on 21 September, our first since the COVID pandemic, we are delighted to inform you that these will be returning regularly. They will move back to their usual position of the first Tuesday of every month from 5 October and will be at Geek Retreat in Central Arcade between 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

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