The Team

Wolfie – Master of Puppies

Wolfie has been running the Leeds Meets for well over a decade and the stress has clearly taken its toll! One of the old guard in the Fandom, he is a self-confessed petrol head with a love of all things tech, while he spends most of his evenings rocking out to metal and painting little men. At Meets he rarely stays in one spot, bouncing around the venue trying to meet everyone, while he is the person to see if you have any suggestions or problems.

Lupestripe – General Dogsbody

A bouncy pink sparkly ball of fun, Lupestripe is a puppy who has been helping run the Leeds Meet since October 2007. A journalist by day and a heavy metal fan by night, he can frequently be found propping up the bar and sampling yet another craft beer. General dogsbody and pupper extraordinaire, Lupe’s addiction to Twitter sees him on the cutting edge of promotion, be that for the Meet or more often himself. Sometimes in suit, sometimes aloof, be sure to say hi if you can keep him still. Puppy.

Raven – Not Actually A Raven

The wolf with the misleading name, Raven is much newer to the Leeds Meets, but has already taken a big part in helping run them. Mainly into gaming and music, he bounds around the venue talking to everyone and ensuring they are happy.

Oracle – The Wise

Oracle has been a regular at Northern meets for over ten years. A chivalrous wolf, he can be found philosophizing about the furry fandom, particularly as western and eastern philosophy is his passion. He has previously run the York Meets and always has his camera out, snapping away on fursuit walks like some sort of impatient crocodile. His love of social media sees him run the Leeds Facebook group while he’s always happy to chat with a friendly “Hello sir!”

Cosmo – Snep!

Full-time snep, part-time fox! Work that out how you will, but if there’s something to photograph or a magnificent machine being built, Cosmo is probably nearby!

Tonks – Lynxy Minksy 

Tonks Moriarty, aka the Leodensian Lynx, is a 20-something Eurasian Lynx from Leeds. Tonks has been in the Fandom since March 2012. Currently a software engineering student at Sheffield Hallam University, he has a love for everything techy and sciencey. A huge fan of science fiction, whether it be literary or TV and film, Tonks also loves the works of Terry Pratchett. Beware the puns…

Upcoming Meets

Leeds Meets generally take place on the third Saturday of every month. The dates of the next meets are as follows:

#111 – 15th December 2018
#112 – 19th January 2019
#113 – 16th February 2019
#114 – 16th March 2019

Leeds Furs at Leeds Pride

There has always been a strong link between the furry fandom and the LGBT community so we are proud to announce that there will be an official Leeds Furs presence for the very first time at the city’s Pride event later this year…

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